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Solitary Beauty Peak & Prince City Scenic Area consists of Jingjiang Prince City and the Solitary Beauty Peak, which is the national key cultural relics protection unit. It is located in the center of Guilin city and the Solitary Beauty Peak is in the middle of scenic area. An emperor in Yuan Dynasty was living under the peak and the Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Dynasty granted his grandson Zhu Shouqian as a feudal vassal under the name of “Jingjiang” and placed his mansions here. Then this area became the Jingjiang Prince City.

Opening Hours:

Spring & Fall: 7:30 – 18:00
Summer: 7:30 – 18:30
Winter: 8:00 – 18:00



The double ninth festival | Yang chongyang add longevity, to the city to a scenic spot of chongyang about!


Chongyang, New Year's eve, the tomb-sweeping day, and the hungry ghost festival
Called China's four big traditional festival sacrifice
Including celebrated the double ninth festival
The touring scene, climbing overlook, ornamental chrysanthemum
Eat double ninth gao (or cake), drink chrysanthemum wine and other activities
Why did the double ninth festival climb?
When it comes to climb the origin, there are three kinds of view
One is the ancients "mountain worship"
The second is the high "fortune"
3 it is to climb the resign "green"
Blessing of high xiufeng alone
Yang devoted prayers - xiufeng alone
Xiufeng alone is the landmark of guilin, known as the representative of the guilin landscape, guilin is the top of the mountains, the king of the mountains. Because of its outstanding independence between heaven and earth, like a giant pillar standing still, so it is also called "south tianyi column". As early as 800 years ago, of the "landscape jiatianxia guilin" sentence inscribed on it at the foot of the mountain. In addition, the mountain of past dynasties have survived more than 200 pieces of cliff stone carvings, because of its mountain of "fu" and "shou" words of carved stone is numerous, therefore, also known as "fushoushan.".
Xiufeng alone part of cliff stone carvings
The longevity of xiufeng alone on the stone
Each has its own unique story
In xiufeng alone the foothill, the qing dynasty calligrapher book by guo si the "f" word, folk known as "drunk blessed (most)"! Legend has it that he drunk drunk written in the same three brushes. Everyone here beside the cliff carved stone engraved with guo si jin a cursive hand book by live couplet. "Happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea running water, don't live as long as the southern mountain pines".

Because you know that you will come
So they are waiting for one hundred years
Wind and rain erosion fortunately have you - wangfu secret extension
Let every culture from the wear and tear of time and space
Color rubbings began in the Ming dynasty, wang fu jing Ming dynasties captaincy, the "packet and not tin soil, in the column of jue without people, eating eloth and not put things", have a passion for painting and calligraphy inscriptions, more buddhist monastery. For xiufeng alone researching cliff stone carvings, statues, and rubbing it into rubbings, and is easy to appreciate the gift of the guilin jingjiang wangfu secret tinto more skilled craft, and sui generis, especially in colour spun silk rubbing more precious. The palace secret extension has been classified as intangible cultural heritage.
"Palace secret billiton" -- wufu series
The CCTV Spring Festival gala in guilin at the venue "wufu" link
"Ancient technology in one thousand, one of the treasure", wangfu live rubbings pour into the palace builders adhere to originality and the feelings of a hand, is every good wish collectors.
The listed xiufeng alone in guilin city
Listen to the history of city to watch the secret's charm
Sent to live wishes for my family
Yang chongyang festival day
Full blessing to take home
I wish you all the double ninth festival in ankang
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