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Solitary Beauty Peak & Prince City Scenic Area consists of Jingjiang Prince City and the Solitary Beauty Peak, which is the national key cultural relics protection unit. It is located in the center of Guilin city and the Solitary Beauty Peak is in the middle of scenic area. An emperor in Yuan Dynasty was living under the peak and the Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Dynasty granted his grandson Zhu Shouqian as a feudal vassal under the name of “Jingjiang” and placed his mansions here. Then this area became the Jingjiang Prince City.

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Spring & Fall: 7:30 – 18:00
Summer: 7:30 – 18:30
Winter: 8:00 – 18:00



Confucius's birthday | there is companion come from afar, joy! City heritage classic

Confucius was alive when the gist for longitudinal saint of "day"
His thought has far-reaching influence on China and the world
After is listed as the world's top ten cultural celebrities
Today is the 2570th anniversary of the Confucius's birthday
On the occasion of the let us together to look at
The great sage's life

A brief history of Confucius:
In the analects of Confucius "patchwork" features
The master for the summary of his life,
"I have five and ten volunteers from learning, thirtysomething,
Forty and perplexity, fifty and knew her,
Sixty and sixties, the seventy and placing, not more than moment."
  • His father died at the age of 3
  • Aspire to school at the age of 15
  • Her mother died at the age of 17
  • 19) a son marry a carp, him first
  • 20 into official career
  • Founded 30 private break the aristocratic education monopoly
  • About 40 has a clear understanding of all sorts of problems
  • 52 as lu big sheep herder xiangguo position taken
  • 55 years old to travel
  • 68 - year - old led the disciples returned to lu
  • The 73 - year - old died due to illness, riding crane west

Confucius said: "no child left behind"

Confucius's life bumpy but aspire to school
He learned the essence of the predecessors' wisdom
Founded the far-reaching influence of Confucianism
He prefers life drift from place to place
Also want to spread their ideas
For the Chinese nation "righteousness" the root of the mind
That can stand on his shoulder
To explore the spirit of the wider world
Many portraits of Confucius as a saint handed down from ancient times
But small make up to grand to introduce to everybody
In guilin xiufeng alone · city scenic area
Reading the unique rock
The yuan dynasty portrait of Confucius
Reading xiufeng alone at the foot of the mountain rock: Confucius carved stone - Ding Fangzhong (yuan dynasty)

The inscriptions from the cultural relics
The painter Ding Fangzhong
The yuan dynasty, he xian department office in guilin
To show respect and worship of Confucius
Will this Confucius carved in the rock before reading
In order to "seize the deep respect"
Obtained "and no shortage"

Ding Fangzhong drawn Confucius like belong to the sheep herder
In Confucius' a sheep herder crown on her head
In sheep herder coat, big ear must be full, and end
To the outstanding Confucius noble temperament
Famous professor in reading under the rock to teach children to read the analects of Confucius

Confucius started the private
Many professors disciple
Broke the traditional "learning in the government"
"No child left behind" education is proposed
Lay the foundations for the later generations of imperial examinations to choose only!
The test worship Confucius constitute a tradition
When it comes to the imperial examination had to say
Built one scenic spot

When the qing dynasty, wang fu jing to Hiram's hospital in guangxi
After having obtained the imperial examination was the largest in southwest
From here on out of the 585 a jinshi
Four scholar and a "and" three yuan

In order to better inheritance and carry forward the history and culture
The imperial examinations in guangxi cultural museum of scenic spot
The imperial examinations can let visitors have a more in-depth understanding of
The museum not only display of academy's antiquities
And the imperial examinations interactive experience
Let visitors in high school, learn swim
Will history into memory in life
Let the culture generation to pass

Young strong a country is strong
In order to promote the Chinese traditional culture heritage and development
The scenic area development studies courses
And to carry out a series of studies
Influenced by the social from all walks of life

The worship of Confucius guilin middle school high three adults' activities

Is the most beautiful Chinese characters - the world to write one's first ritual activities held in the city wall

Studies, small top
Confucius said: "there is companion come from afar, joy?"
Small make up, xiufeng alone on behalf of guilin city, the scenic spot
The foot of the country for greet visitors
To the door of the carriage smile to connect to all guests!