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Solitary Beauty Peak & Prince City Scenic Area consists of Jingjiang Prince City and the Solitary Beauty Peak, which is the national key cultural relics protection unit. It is located in the center of Guilin city and the Solitary Beauty Peak is in the middle of scenic area. An emperor in Yuan Dynasty was living under the peak and the Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Dynasty granted his grandson Zhu Shouqian as a feudal vassal under the name of “Jingjiang” and placed his mansions here. Then this area became the Jingjiang Prince City.

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Spring & Fall: 7:30 – 18:00
Summer: 7:30 – 18:30
Winter: 8:00 – 18:00



The Mid-Autumn festival | look at report, princess sun circle of friends, full of the sincerity of the wow!








The Mid-Autumn festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, ching Ming festival and called
China's four big traditional holiday
Wei and jin dynasty, began to have the Mid-Autumn festival moon folk activities
The early years of the tang dynasty, the Mid-Autumn festival will be officially designated as a holiday
The song dynasty, the Mid-Autumn festival to development and prevailing
Ming and qing dynasty, the Mid-Autumn festival after the Spring Festival holiday
The Ming dynasty, give each other a "reunion cake" has become the new customs
Today, the circle of friends has become a new "custom" holiday
If, the ancients also with a circle of friends
What it's like to be their friends Mid-Autumn festival?

Small make up lost in thought...
In fact is not don't want to holiday tweets
Please in crossing points after the play a great bai!
  Xu xiake
The Mid-Autumn festival, I still want to go to...Guilin
xiufeng alone enjoy the moon

The story of history | xu and wang fu jing! Why he traveled across mountains, but finally left regret?

Xiufeng alone look from the front, like a giant screen, help wangfu evil spirit exorcism, accumulate fortune, called wangfu backer. Look from the west, it is like a brush pen, palm tube context; Look from the east, it is like a pillar, guarding in China southern, so also called "south tianyi column". The "landscape jiatianxia guilin" historic sentence inscribed in xiufeng alone at the foot of the mountain.


   Guilin xiufeng alone · city scenic area

   6 minutes ago

  heartSovereign princess palace main livor valley holds spirit room

 Seduction a: want to go

Fan brother: want to go to + 10086
Purple valley host: leave some regret, to come back again!



The Mid-Autumn festival reunion

The king himself blessed
Word at the beginning, the end
Given name: QuanFu










Wang fu jing

Ten minutes ago

heartPrince, princess top guard ,wangfu manifold
Princess: wan QuanFu top right corner is a small "m" word, the whole forming a everyone, everyone pen set value a "tail", hail in moral life, full of life, from beginning to the end. The wan QuanFu also combines the running script, regular script, official script, seal script brushwork art value to be reckoned with.
Princess princess report reply: or understand my heart to watch you ~
Princess reply report: xie report has given me all QuanFu
Report reply princess: I mean, the Mid-Autumn festival moon not  to watch you ~



I want to let friends knows that
This is, sovereign enjoy my moon
And enjoy the most favorite person @ round month report

Wang fu jing
2 hours ago

heartMagistrate of a county report my son wangfu manager Mrs. Butler

My son: mother, son miss you
Princess reply my son: ready to moon cake PanEr return
Report: day last month is on the water, the present is a sweetheart.
Princess reply report: xiufeng alone indeed as expected is context
Mrs Magistrate of a county: gosh, the blessing of wangfu month post also so beautiful



Moonlight, all is the scenery
Line the fancy of the homeland
Travel in the outside can't meet
Heart is reunion together
The orphan, a happy Mid-Autumn festival! @ dad @ niang

Taking history as a mirror, can know replaced
Guilin xiufeng alone, reading a book
Three hours ago

heartSovereign princess dad teacher no second

Dad: to get a happy Mid-Autumn festival!
Niang:  the weather is cool, remember to add more clothing 
Second: to apply to borrow
Number three: borrowing + 1


   Wangfu manager
The Mid-Autumn festival, to his son to buy top pen
Hope son study hard top high school


  Wang fu jing Confucius temple

  4 hours ago

heartSovereign princess dad first child he niang mother, child teacher steward

Son: thank you dad, son really like it. Must be good good study!
The boy his mother: child his dad
Steward mammy: good, I also bought my son a later.



  Wangfu steward mammy
The Mid-Autumn festival, "package" cure all ills

Jingjiang city

5 hours ago

heartSovereign princess first wife teacher director li daughter-in-law

Lao li daughter-in-law: wow nice!!! Please link
The dog egg he niang: want to
After hutch niang son: group purchase together


If the ancients have a circle of friends
Content will be the same wonderful and lively
Customs, often new, only eternal love
The Mid-Autumn festival, circle of friends is splendid
But don't forget to also to his family by saying:
Happy Mid-Autumn festival
The beauty of city is like circle month since the last
Welcome to visit to visit
Mid-Autumn festival together with you
Wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn festival
A city a gift
From the sincerity of the city
The baby to view more

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