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Solitary Beauty Peak & Prince City Scenic Area consists of Jingjiang Prince City and the Solitary Beauty Peak, which is the national key cultural relics protection unit. It is located in the center of Guilin city and the Solitary Beauty Peak is in the middle of scenic area. An emperor in Yuan Dynasty was living under the peak and the Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Dynasty granted his grandson Zhu Shouqian as a feudal vassal under the name of “Jingjiang” and placed his mansions here. Then this area became the Jingjiang Prince City.

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Grateful to meet | teacher taught me to read all books I travelling with the teacher!

Teachers' Day
Good in September

Teachers' day was approaching a 35

Recall the past, do you still remember

The teacher said to you that the most warm words in the youth

Unforgettable ShiEn
"To tell" class 2 minutes
Don't know what is the class time is too too slowly
Or recess time passes so fast
As long as 2 minutes and recess in 10 minutes
We did not understand gradually grew up
Finish is dedicated the best interpretation
Class time is always limited
Infinite extension is the teacher of our expectations
Hard work, my favorite finish teachers!
Read all books view
"Reading thousands of books, travelling, both cannot be ignored"
"Reading thousands of books is the accumulation of cultural knowledge
"View" is the experience experience of precipitation
Education is not the barrel filling, but the fire ignites
Knowledge to the nearest place to study knowledge
Enrich their own life experience
Let the children really learn from textbooks
Integrated into your own life experience
To learn to analyze and judge yourself to become the master of his own life
Studies to learn something
Mention teachers, small make up to praise
We, xiufeng alone guilin city, the scenic area studies teachers!
In order to make people better understand city studies
Give everyone a science section of the city's long history
Here is not the kui Yu Guilin the birthplace of the city
Guilin context where!
To learn to analyze and judge yourself to become the master of his own life

As early as the northern and southern dynasties writer still

In xiufeng alone below to read and write

At this point and opened the guangxi style

When the tang dynasty was the first official school in guangxi history is located

Wang fu Ming captaincy to build on this

Change here for Hiram's hospital of guangxi in the qing dynasty

Become the southwest's largest after having obtained the imperial examination

From here out of the 585 a jinshi

The four top and 1 "and" three yuan

During the period of the republic of China, sun yat-sen once set in this section and the northern expedition
And then to guangxi provincial government
Guangxi is the center of political, economic, and military activity
Now the scenic area is the only one with the colleges and universities across the country
National 5 a-class historical and cultural scenic spots
National key cultural relics protection units

Such a profound cultural background and strong learning atmosphere

The city became the first open up studies in guilin travel

Design and development courses of the scenic spot

With industry unique, professional and innovative

It industry studies

Studies the teacher and the course description
Studies the teacher team:
Our studies teacher is by the famous professor of guangxi normal university, a senior teacher of primary and secondary schools and the national defense education seminar, a military expert in guilin, and army officers and soldiers, red tourism association and guilin institute of tourism in guilin teacher led research and development, and formulated the related curriculum standard. At present research development design for 26 MenWang city travel course, more courses in the continued development.

Course description: primary school (12 course)
City characteristic to write one's first gift: special education school, perception ShiEn, "line Kong Li worship", "vermilion special education" and "Thanksgiving salute" and other activities.
Tracing the most beautiful Chinese characters: combining with the teaching material of modern, launch the most beautiful Chinese characters, the most beautiful, the ancient Chinese poems chanting singing and other activities.
I am a little scholar: explore guangxi top story, stimulate the ambition of the youth is still to school, and to grasp the "top" of learning, to help teenagers good learning success.
Roots "guilin landscape" : combined with guilin landscape walking in the classroom, with photography, ink painting, sand painting, creation, GuiJu performance lyrics, and presents the "landscape jiatianxia guilin", feel the motherland good activities, improve students found beauty, appreciate beauty, beautiful and enthusiasm.

Course description: junior high school (7 courses)
Live not YiBi Rio: through understanding live culture, wangfu secret extension, moya carved stone, to strengthen the impression of textbook knowledge.
Xiufeng alone lecture hall - dreams set sail: enlightenment "outstanding independence between heaven and earth" inscriptions, listen to experts, to inspire the youth dream.
Back to sun yat-sen in the city history: metropolis, xinhai revolution, the Anti-Japanese War, such as revolutionary history, let the historical leap from the books in the life.
Internship diplomat: cultural interaction with foreign students, exercise the foreign language communication skills, writing, thinking and dare to say, is not afraid of the wrong nerve, stimulate students interest in learning English.

Course description: high school (7 courses)
Dialect of the Ming dynasty to watch u: combining with the teaching material, fully understand the spirit of guilin landscape, city culture deep inside information.
Longmen road: the imperial VS the university entrance exam: an in-depth understanding of city Hiram's hospital and the guangxi top stories, let the students more willing to learn, and learn.
Liu bowen and jingjiang city (3 d printing cultural relics repaired) : ancient building approached, observe the modern architecture, DIY building model in the research learning curriculum implementation, enhances the student beginning ability and creativity, the development space of imagination and fun.
How to write the university entrance exam composition: Chinese college entrance examination proposition group teacher for you, to teach you how to play the university entrance exam composition, catch up conception, write a good composition, easily with high marks.

Through the teaching section
I would like to table the king city landscape area
To all the old masters'
"Old master, you symplectic bitter!"
Love you yo yo yo yo ~
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